Dodge and Collect

Make your own game!

Move around and collect the right items while dodging others.
See how well you can do!

Helpful Notes:

An election might have votes/ballots.

Music may have an instrument like a drum.

An ancient civilization might have artifacts like pottery or coins.

How would this item benefit someone/something?

Saving fish from trash helps the fish.

Completing a poem or important piece of writing helps the author.

Building a musical instrument helps the performer and audience.

Could there be more than one of the same item?

If you were studying an ancient Egyptian city and dodging sandstorms to
collect artifacts, the more you retrieve, the more the world could learn about
their history.

If you were playing as an activist and dodging bulldozers to collect
favorable environmental laws, the more you retrieve could help support the

For the other items –

Think of challenges that might prevent (or did historically prevent) a
goal from being achieved.

Did illness or drought create issues for a civilization?

Were characters in a book enemies of the main character?

Would something be harmful to the main item, like pollution to a fish?

For the background –

Think of a place relevant to the person, event or topic.

This could be a map, a room, an ocean, inside a book, or more!

For the character –

Think of a figure that represents a culture, character or idea.

An activist, politician, main character from a book, or maybe you!

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Our minigames could be used in all areas of the humanities, and the student act of building a game to demonstrate a concept could have powerful experiential learning benefits.

Available to use on your computer,
or on your smartphone.

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